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this or that: edmonton oilers vs. calgary flames (req. by sheaweberway)

haha, making friends the old fashioned way!! they were talking about a party they’re planning and they invited me and I was like ehh, maybe and then they started talking about beer pong and I told them I’m really good and they’re like “you don’t have a choice. you’re coming”

truly inspirational

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I went out exploring today

Welcome back Tedenby!


just wanted to let you know that I’m living and sweden now and I will be for quite some time, which will often mean that I won’t have wifi since I don’t have enough money on my sim card to be connected all the time

so I’ll try to be online as much as possible but I don’t know how much that will be!! thanks guys

This is real. Det finns ingen återvändo nu. ✈